Agsten Engineering, Inc. provides structural engineering services to architects,
developers, individual builders, and private owners for custom residential, single family
homes and multi-family units, and commercial structures.

Established in 1991, Agsten Engineering has designed and prepared plans for scores of
oceanfront homes with the largest being a two story 30,000 square feet residence. Some
residential structures on the ocean are four storeys tall. He has designed hundreds of
custom homes inland.

Commercial designs include numerous one and two story buildings which are either new
construction or renovations. Because of Agsten Engineering’ s skills and deep understanding of the engineering sciences, they are able to design many features to enable the client to achieve their goals and aspirations. For example, many 360 heliocoidal concrete stairs (spiral) supported
only at the base and top, ten foot exterior cantilevered concrete slabs supported,
or “ hung” , from concrete beams, or long cantilevered steel beams hidden in the roof that
the architect required to give the house a Frank Lloyd Wright “ look.”

Agsten Engineering has works along the South Florida east coast from Fort Lauderdale,
up through the Palm Beaches, including Palm Beach and Jupiter Island, Martin County,
and on the South Florida west coast in Collier County; projects are also in the Bahamas
on Great Exuma and Rum Key.


  • Foundation design of all types
  • Floor system design:
  • Wood floor trusses
  • Concrete floors:
  • Epicore system
  • Prestressed plank

Precast concrete on joists (Supranos system)
Cast in place concrete (one and two way slabs)

Wall design:

  • Reinforced masonry
  • Partially reinforced masonry
  • Non reinforced masonry
  • Wood
  • Insulative form with concrete core (Logix and Polysteel)

Roof Design

  • Wood roof trusses
  • Concrete roofs
  • Built up roofs on bar joists