Profile & History

Rob Agsten comes from a family of builders, engineers, and general contractors, and he
is the fourth generation in that line.
He graduated from West Virginia University in 1979 with a Bachelor of Science in Civil
Engineering, and received his Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering from the
University of Miami in 1987. He passed his exam for Professional Engineering in the
State of Florida in 1990, and is licensed in Florida, Colorado, and Tennessee.

He hails from Charleston, West Virginia where his Great Grandfather started his business
as General Contractor building commercial buildings up to 12 stories.
The line of construction carried on from that point, generation after generation, sons, and
grandsons, who all built multistory commercial buildings.

Rob’ s Dad was a general contractor and engineer, and put his son to work at the age of
sixteen as a common laborer during the summers.

Rob was privileged to work with the men on the jobsite: carpenters and masons,
ironworkers and common laborers, and the other trades. His Father made sure to tell his
Superintendents that he was to be treated as any other man.

It was this working experience, summer after summer that helped shape his core respect
for the industry and the hard working men he was allowed to work along side of.

He has worked in many Architectural firms as the” in-house” engineer, and by doing so,
gained a better understanding of what the architects wanted in the design approach. This
has enabled him to understand with clarity their design issues and what areas may not be

In his engineering design work he is often reminded of the men he worked with and how
they need to be able to interpret the drawings, and that a man’ s hands must be able to
construct the physical work.

He continues to practice structural engineering, and is always conscience, as he prepares
his plans, of his time as a common laborer, the hard work it was, and the men who now
build what he designs.